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    Jenny L.


    What inspired you to become a hair stylist?
    Watching youtube videos when I was younger I was intrigued and started to do my friends hair.

    What is your favorite thing about being an artist at TCR? 
    I love making a client look and great about themselves. 

    What celebrity is your ultimate hair icon/inspiration? 
    Kylie Jenner. Even though most of her looks involve a wig. She sets trends and is always changing her look. 

    What is your Go-To hair product you can’t live without? 
    Hair Spray, I love locking in all hairstyles with a bit of spray to ensure that it will last. 

    Best general hair advice you could give to almost anyone? 
    Try to stay away from heat! I am guilty of over using heat on my hair but there are better alternatives out there. Whether it’s getting a keratin to achieve a no frizz sleek look or my secret way to curl hair (tik tok heatless robe curls). 

    Fun fact! What’s something interesting about you?
    Im super into fashion and different clothing trends. I also enjoy trying new food places.

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