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Herbal Infusion Nourishing Youth Serum

Herbal Infusion Nourishing Youth Serum

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It is an ultra-light and rich serum formulated with a proprietary blend of natural oils, aloe juice, antioxidants and ancient Eastern herbs.

It has milky white in color and carries a refreshing and evanescent herbal aroma that will delight your senses.

The serum contains millions of submicron droplets that instantly hydrate and moisturize your skin. It is gentle but powerful enough to help with the toughest signs of aging.

It is good for AM and PM use. Suitable for face, neck, and hands. 

Take our 7-days better skin challenge. Apply our Serum to the face, twice a day for 7 days. See your face transforms into that soft, silky, smooth and youthful complexion.


We don’t use heat. The vast majority of the serums on the market use heat during the manufacturing process. Heat destabilizes and destroys active ingredients, making the final serums less potent. Our serum is made with patented cold-pressurized manufacturing technology. Active ingredients in our serum are preserved. Making our serum more powerful.

Patented MicroDroplets technology. Using this novel formulation technology, our serums are created under intense pressure. Emulsion size of our serum can be 30,000x smaller than that of other serums on the market. Smaller size means rapid absorption and deeper delivery of nutrients to the skin. Making our serum more effective.

We don’t use harsh chemicals, specifically harsh surfactants or emulsifiers. These agents needed to hold the water and oil phases of the serum together. They can be irritating to the skin, causing stinging, redness, and irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin, including those with eczema and rosacea. Using revolutionary technology, we are able to create our serum without any of these irritants. Making our serum more gentle.

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