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HYPERSILK Revitalizing Hair Masque

HYPERSILK Revitalizing Hair Masque

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HYPERSILK Revitalizing Masque is an intensive leave-in treatment to deeply nourish and rebuild bonds for healthy, strong and ultra-soft hair.

With a clean, fresh scent, our Revitalizing Masque is formulated with exclusive HYPERSILK COMPLEX, comprised of 100% human hair keratin and an Intensive Amino Acid blend.


HYPERSILK REVITALIZING Masque is your instensive restoring treatment to transform the health and strength of damaged, dry and brittle hair. Color safe. Suited for all hair types and textures.Formulated with HYPERSILK COMPLEX, from the very first treatment, our masque helps to rebuild hair bonds, restore moisture, increase strength and elasticity, while adding shine and eliminating frizz.

How it works

HYPERSILK REVITALIZING Masque intensively repairs and deeply hydrates for a total hair transformation. From the very first application, it goes to work, rebuilding hair bonds from within, to heal hair and repair damage from heat, chemicals, color treatment, mechanical/physical damage and the environment. Hair bonds rebuilt. Follicles protected. Further breakage prevented. Strong, healthy hair created.

How to use


Step 1:

Apply a quarter sized amount of HYPERSILK REPLENISHING SHAMPOO to thoroughly drenched hair. Start with the roots, massage the scalp from front to back. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. SHAMPOO 2 – 3 TIMES PER WEEK.

Step 2:

Follow with 2 quarters amount of HYPERSILK REPLENISHING CONDITIONER to thoroughly cover hair. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Start with the tips of hair and coat the entire shaft. Let sit on hair for 3 – 5 minutes and rinse in cold water.

Step 3:

For use once or twice per week, apply 1 or 2 quarter sized amount of Revitalizing Masque (depending on hair length) to freshly conditioned hair focusing on tips and mid-length. Remember to gently squeeze out excess water.

There are two ways to use it. As an intensive moisture and repair boost where you leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse out. Or you can leave it one as an intensively protective treatment to shield hair from future damage.

After just one use, you will see and feel the healthy difference in your hair.


Our Revitalizing Masque is free of Sodium Chloride (salt). A damaging ingredient commonly found in hair care products and is known to dry out the hair, cause flaking and itchy scalp and contribute to hair loss.

Formulated with HYPERSILK COMPLEX comprised of the highest quality human hair keratin and an exclusive bioactive, intensive Amino Acid blend. This unique combination works within hair to rebuild bonds, restore strength, improve manageability and give hair a glossy appearance with visible body and bounce.

The result is an ultra-intensive, ultra-nourishing treatment for hyper healthy, hyper strong hair.

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