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    Alyssa C.


    What inspired you to become a hair stylist?
    My mom has been a hair stylist my entire life. My dad owned restaurants most of my childhood. From the time I could comprehend it I grew up in service industries. Being around people and creating a positive and purposeful experience has always been a basic human instinct in my upbringing. The beauty industry is consistent yet ever changing at the same time and I knew I wanted to always be a part of that movement!

    What is your favorite thing about being an artist at TCR?
    The culture at TCR is exactly what I needed from a salon home. Upbeat, elegant and fashion forward mixed with authentic city flare and desire to keep growing to put TCR on the Philly map is a whole vibe and I am here for it!

    What celebrity is your ultimate hair icon/inspiration?
    Audrey Hepburn has always been a hair and fashion icon of mine. Her style is timeless. When she cut her hair off in Roman Holiday and rocked her classic beehive in Breakfast At Tiffany’s it proved to the world that your hair is the best supporting accessory to unwavering confidence.

    What is your Go-To hair product you can’t live without?
    Aveda Botanical Repair Leave in Treatment. It is a leave-in conditioner, bond multiplier and protects against heat up to 450 degrees. It heals and protects your hair from the inside out.

    Best general hair advice you could give to almost anyone?
    Get harcuts and use heat protection!! Healthy hair is in ladies! Beautiful color and luxury styles are not attainable or sustainable on fried,dry or brittle hair.

    Fun fact! What’s something interesting about you?
    I am also a mixologist at a non alcoholic health and wellness bar in New Jersey.

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