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    Kristi E.


    What inspired you to become a hair stylist?
    When I was in elementary school I loved to style all my friends/sisters hair. With 20 years in the industry my passion is forever growing!

    What is your favorite thing about being an artist at TCR?
    I love Working at Tcr! I love that we are one big family, we all get along so well and have a lot of fun laughing/joking at work!

    What was your most memorable experience with a TCR client?
    I truly love helping my clients decide on what color and haircut looks best on them, having them walk out feeling so beautiful!

    What is your Go-To hair product you can’t live without?
    Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is the one product I cannot live without.

    Best general hair advice you could give to almost anyone?
    My advice to clients it’s too listen to your stylist about at home hair care and the products that they recommend. I can’t stress that enough.

    Fun fact! What’s something interesting about you?
    Fun fact: if I didn’t get into hair I would have loved to become a dental hygienist

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