January 14th, 2024

3:30 pm - Yoga flow at Yoga 6 Rittenhouse. All attendees will receive a voucher for a free blowout at our salon.

At The Coloroom:

5:00 pm - Sound bath

6:00 - 9:00 pm - DJ, drawing for unique donated gifts and prizes, key speakers

Our event is in honor of the Start Healing Together foundation, a nonprofit that supports those experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility. Their members are meant to serve as liaisons and advocates for whomever needs support: parents, grandparents, friends, family members, coworkers, etc.

The goal for the organization is to make workers aware of their rights, to inform employers how to best support their staff, and to direct all parties to helpful resources.

All proceeds will go to The Start Healing Together foundation. Join us and beat the winter blues by supporting our glow-up self care day right in the heart of Philly. We would love your support in our mission of spreading awareness and raising money for a charity so close to our hearts.


In partnership with Little Words Project

A community of kindness, built one bracelet at a time. Little Words Project aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves and pay that kindness forward.

They have donated over $545,000 to incredible causes, from cancer prevention to mental health awareness.

All guest will receive a Little Words bracelet with the message of "Phoenix Rise" to spread awareness.

In partnership with YogaSix

YogaSix is a boutique yoga fitness studio changing the way people think and experience yoga. Their inclusive, energetic, full-sensory workouts are designed to provide the mind-body experience of yoga that everyone deserves. Connect to a fitness practice that is energizing, empowering, and fun.

Experience the power of sound healing

Riot Alliance is a social justice jewelry and sound healing business based in Philly.

The Bond Society Pop -Up Shop

The Bond Society is a LUXE Permanent Jewelry brand that welds together a custom fit solid 14k gold chain to create the perfect bracelet, necklace, anklet or ring.

Either walk up or pre-book your appointment for a custom, permanent jewelry piece!

Our featured speakers

Kayla Lloyd

Kayla Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer of Abounding Love Doula, serving as a full spectrum Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Certified Lactation Counselor. Through Abounding Love Doula, she has supported over 200+ mamas that are dedicated to having a safe smooth birth experience for them and their child, from the womb to the chest! She loves being able to offer her years of experience as a Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Mommy x 2 experience, to her clients to help them enter their next season of motherhood, happy, healthy, and surrounded by Abounding Loving.

Liz O'Donnell

Liz is a former elementary school teacher who now focuses on perinatal bereavement and stillbirth prevention advocacy full time. Liz's daughter, Aaliyah, was born still on 12/1/20 and since then she has started her own nonprofit Aaliyah in Action, and is a founding Director of PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy. Through both organizations Liz has supported countless families who have experienced the pain of pregnancy or infant loss. Additionally, Liz has been a strong and vocal supporter of paid family leave after loss, having a hand in DC's amendments and additions to their policies, as well as helping mothers in other states take a stand in amending their own state leave policies. Liz is a two time graduate of George Washington University and has recently decided to go back for masters number two, this time in public health to further her efforts in maternal-infant health. Since the death of Aaliyah Liz has realized her job as a mother is to establish a lasting legacy for her daughter; her dedication to the development and growth of both Aaliyah in Action and PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy is evident in both organizations accomplishments in under three years.

Julie Shapiro

Julie is the mother to her angel, Aubrey Rae, who was born still on 9/29/2020 at 39 weeks. After a completely healthy pregnancy, her world was turned upside down when she was told that her daughter no longer had a heart beat because her umbilical cord had gotten wrapped around her neck while she was moving into the birth canal.The hours, days, and months since have changed Julie in a way that words cannot explain. She realized the need to advocate for herself, her daughter, and her family for everything they needed - time off of work, attention from providers, questions relating to what it was that the insurance company was telling her that they needed to pay for. Aubrey’s Advocate, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on managing the medical bills and administrative tasks relating to a perinatal loss. We will provide a thorough review of your claims, working with your insurance company and employer to exhaust all avenues for financial liability from the parents. 

Lynn Polin

Lynn Polin of Kindred Beginnings is a fertility warrior, advocate, coach, educator, author and mom to two miracle girls. She has a long, complicated, borderline overwhelming family-building story consisting of 10 rounds of IVF over 6 years, a failed foster-to-adopt situation, and a pregnancy loss that almost cost her life. Lynn wanted to openly share the raw and real of an IVF cycle so she and her husband Drew invited cameras to document their entire tenth IVF round in an effort to uncover the hidden truth behind in-vitro fertilization -  baseline testing, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and frozen embryo transfer - in the 2022 film Inconceivable.

Infertility changed who she was, and how she viewed the world. After 18 years as a third grade educator, Lynn decided to pursue a career as a certified Integrative Fertility Coach and mentor with the mission to help others successfully navigate their own family-building journeys. She co-founded Kindred Beginnings, a family-building support community with a mission to provide validation, support, education and resources for all who are family-building.

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