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    Madison Reed

    The Coloroom

    Applied by yourself or a friend
    Application time: 30-45 minutes
    Results: Uneven coverage and processing.
    Applied by a professional
    Application time: 15 minutes
    Results: Even coverage and processing.
    Formulated by a computer algorithm that will lump you into a broad shade range which is mass produced to save big companies money and provide satisfactory results. Color is professionally formulated, customized, and mixed by a trained master colorist.
    Color matching questionnaires leave significant room for error which could result in bad color, poor coverage, or even damaging your hair. TCR Artist’s customize your formula based off of your hair’s natural color pigment, skin tone & stubbornness of grey.
    Toxic chemicals used in the color that will cause damage to your hair, scalp, and severe skin irritation. TCR uses high quality color that creates shine and conditioning for the hair.
    Messy application - which can stain and ruin your home Clean application
    Not enough color in the kit ($25), which will result to having to purchase more than one home color kit, ($50+) Proper color usage. Colorists mix the correct amount of color for your hair, which will save on waste of product and money!
    Do It Yourself Includes:
    Hassles from attempting to color-proof your area, materials, and clothing
    Working alone with less lighting, mirrors, experience and confidence
    Uncertainty of the results
    TCR Allows You To:
    Relax in our beautiful salon
    Enjoy a beverage from our hospitality bar
    Catch up on the latest styles and products with our friendly TCR family
    Ensure 5-Star Results!


     Welcome to TCR's Grey Coverage Root Touch-up Membership, designed to create convenience and affordability to cover your grey. This is a monthly membership for those who wish to cover their regrowth of grey once a month.

    Membership details:

    • This membership does not include the following services: shadow root, base break, double process, root melts, high lift color and glosses.

    • If you don't use it, you lose it! Root Touch-up service does not roll over to the next month.

    • Grey Coverage Root Touch-up service is only for clients who have an inch or less of regrowth of grey.

    • Root Membership can not be gifted or shared with anyone.

    Billing and cancellations:

    • Clients must commit to at least 3 consecutive months when signing up.

    • Membership can only be canceled twice a year and a $25 cancellation fee will be charged upon cancellation.

    • If you schedule an appointment and fail to show up, a $25 no show fee will be charged to your credit card on file.

    • Additional charges will occur at time of check out, if there are any additional services requested.