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    Maria Nila

    Silver Shot

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    60ml / 2oz

    Caring for your bleached hair is crucial, therefore we’ve created the Silver Shot. The Silver Shot is a quick and easy lifesaver for your newly treated hair. It will boost your hair with ingredients that are conditioning, moisturizing, and preserving. The shot also contains violet pigments, so you can use it to keep your cool tones or just as a treatment if you want a warmer result.

    The Silver Shot is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and climate compensated packaging. It comes in a convenient 60 ml size, perfect to keep in your bathroom or to bring with you anywhere. Prolonged result thanks to the treatment and pigments in the Silver Shot Vegan & Cruelty-Free Bleach series with climate compensated packaging 100% vegan, animal friendly and climate compensated packaging! Moisturizes the hair and the scalp Cares for bleached hair

    Filled with treating and preserving ingredients, it will boost your hair and leave you with a soft, silky, and smooth result. The shot contains violet pigments, to help you keep the cool tones. If you’re aiming for a warmer outcome, leave it in for 3 minutes and it will provide you with the treatment without the violet pigments sticking. Give your bleached hair the love it deserves with the Maria Nila Silver Shot. When you apply the Silver Shot, always work section by section together with a comb to really make the product attach everywhere. The Silver Shot is used as the last step in your routine.

    How to use

    Apply to newly washed, towel-dried hair and let it sit for 3-10 min. 

    For warm tones: Apply the Silver Shot and let sit up to 3 min in order to treat but not let the violet pigment attach. 

    You can also use the Silver Shot as a toner. Keep the Silver Shot in your hair 3-10 min - rinse when you feel like you have reached your desired result.

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