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Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo

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Purple shampoo with Hyaluronic Acid neutralizes brassy hair.


  • Instantly neutralizes brassy hair and yellow undertones to maintain cool blonde shades.
  • Boosts hair color luminosity.
  • Illuminates blonde hair.

How To Use

Apply to wet hair. Leave on at least 2 minutes, or longer depending on desired degree of neutralization. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.

"Bain Ultra-Violet is best to use when your desire is to cancel out warm/brassy undertones at the roots. Apply directly to scalp. Make sure to follow with Cicaflash conditioner for extra softness or Masque Ultra-Violet if neutralization through the ends is also needed. You can also keep Bain Lumière shampoo in the shower for days you don’t need to neutralize and just want added moisture and shine!"


Hyaluronic Acid: This ultra concentrated acid strengthens hair, preventing future hair breakage.

Edelweiss Flower: Rich in anti-oxidants to protect hair against daily damage and soften sensitized hair fibers.

Ultra Violet Neutralizers: Highly concentrated pigments that neutralize and remove brassy & yellow undertones.

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