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Masque Magistral Hair Mask

Masque Magistral Hair Mask

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Fundamental nutrition masque for dry to severely dry hair.


Nourishes dry hair.

Essential nutrition for healthy hair.

How to use

Apply a quarter size amount of Masque Magistral to cleansed hair. Massage onto lengths and ends, leaving on for 5-10 minutes. Emulsify, rinse thoroughly, follow with an appropriate primer and style as desired.

"Masque Magistral is the most moisturizing hair mask of all the collections. Bathe the hair first, then section the hair into four sections applying ends to mid shafts then the remainder on your hands work through the root area."

Key ingredients

Benzoin Resin: Used for its soothing, calming and relieving qualities, to calm the scalp, and forms a protective layer on the hair, preventing moisture loss and boosting shine.

Iris Root Extract: Enhances hair texture and nourishment, creating a smooth topcoat on each hair fiber to maintain a healthy scalp.

Ceramides: Enhances shine, promotes elasticity and moisture retention and aids in strengthening hair.

Xylose: Thermo-protective properties for protecting strands from the high temperatures of heat styling tools.

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