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    Masque Therapiste Hair Mask

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    Repairing hair mask for weak, over-processed and damaged hair.


    Repairs very damaged hair.

    Provides deep hair nourishment.

    Protects against hair breakage.

    How to use

    Apply a quarter size amount of Masque Therapiste to wet hair, working from mid-length to ends. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Can be used daily.

    "Masque Therapiste is the "go to" product when someone has over-processed hair and needs a life-saver! If you’ve been an all-over blonde for some time or you're looking to go lighter after being colored dark, Masque Therapiste will build your hair back up and help prevent damage throughout the lightening process to ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful."

    Key ingredients

    Gluco Peptide: Enters the deepest layers of the cuticule to strengthen existing hair and stimulate growth.

    Wheat Protein Derivative: Repairs the flexibility and elasticity of damaged hair, restoring uniformity and smoothness.

    Native Plant Cells: Ensure deep hydration, reducing the risk of weakened roots and leaving soft hair.

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