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Maria Nila

Slate Hair Wax

Slate Hair Wax

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A strong, quick-dry wax, perfect for shorter hair that needs a strong hold and light shine. Moisturising Olive Oil and plant-based proteins make up a hydrating formula that protects the hair from becoming dry. Slate Wax has an oriental floral scent with notes of wood, jasmine and citrus.


-Hold 5/5
-Quick-dry wax with firm hold
-Medium shine for short hair styles
-Sulphate & Paraben free
-100% Vegan & Animal friendly
-CO2 compensated packaging

How to use

Put a small amount of Slate Wax in your palms and massage to activate and warm up the wax. Apply to damp or dry hair to get the ultimate hold. Due to its creamy formula it is a complete multi-vax and can be used in all textures and lengths. Combine Slate wax with Maria Nila Argan Oil to highlight and define curls.

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